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Compact, self-supporting screw screens
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In-Pipe Screw Screens 1
In-Pipe Screw Screens 2
In-Pipe Screw Screens 3
Installed in a self-supporting tank, WASTEMASTER GCPC / GCEC ensure efficient solids-liquid separation of screenings in both civil and industrial waste water treatment plants.
Decades of experience
Decades of experience
Large number of references
Large number of references
Shaftless screw design ensures no clogging even in presence of fibrous materials
Shaftless screw design ensures no clogging even in presence of fibrous materials

Technical Specs


WASTEMASTER GCPC is a Screw Screen that consists of a screen basket, a conveyor screw, and a compacting section. WASTEMASTER GCEC is almost identical with GCPC but misses the compacting section. It is suitable for applications in which screenings may not or cannot be compacted. Both machines are installed in a self-supporting container.
GCPC / GCEC are commonly used in above ground applications, both civil and industrial. Waste water is commonly pumped through the machine. Civil works are not required.
In-Pipe Screw Screens


The separation process starts inside the screen which holds back solids only. The internal part of the screen is continuously cleaned by brushes fixed on the outside diameter of the spiral. As the water runs through the screen the shaftless spiral conveys the solids up towards the
compacting module where the material is further de-watered. Depending on the material properties, screenings can be reduced by more than 35% of their original volume.


  • Sturdy metal framework (completely enclosed structure in compliance with safety regulations and preventing odours) manufactured entirely from 304L/316L stainless steel
  • Shaftless conveyor screw manufactured from 304/316 stainless steel or special high-resistance steel
  • Flow rates of up to 1,000 m3/h (590 cfm)
  • Solids extraction of up to 0.33 dm3/s (0.7 cfm)
  • Screens are equipped with a special mesh suitable for the particular characteristics of waste water and solids


  • No jamming or locking even with fibrous products thanks to shaftless spiral
  • Volume reduction of up to 35%
  • Absence of internal bearings
  • Low rpm
  • Possibility of discharging into plastic bags
  • Optional accessories (washing of organic matter, heating system, verticaliser: GEC only)
  • Special long-life screw brushes
  • Low investment and maintenance costs


  • Alternative screen types and sizes
  • Overflow
  • Drive guard
  • Alternative voltage and frequency
  • Alternative degree of motor protection
  • Control panel
  • Screen washing system
  • Pipe washing system
  • Discharge module heating


  • Bag clamping system
  • Endless tube



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