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Automatic Bag Splitters RSA

Emptying bags made easy
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Automatic Bag Splitters 1
Automatic Bag Splitters 2
Automatic Bag Splitters 3
Among all the different types of machines on the market, the RSA Automatic Bag Splitter by EXTRAC is the best value for money. The RSA offers cutting edge technology with few moving components and a simple operating principle.
Simple operating principle
Simple operating principle
Unbeatable price-performance ratio
Unbeatable price-performance ratio
Easy and quick access to internal parts for cleaning
Easy and quick access to internal parts for cleaning

Technical Specs


The RSA Automatic Bag Splitter is made up of a splitting unit which consists of a trough that encloses an extra heavy-duty splitting screw, complete with an appropriate gear motor and a screening unit that consists of a horizontal, cylindrically shaped rotating screen, complete with drive unit. On top of the screening unit a suitable fan-operated dust collector can be integrated. Alternatively the RSA is supplied with connecting spigots for a central de-dusting unit.
Automatic Bag Splitters


The RSA Automatic Bag Splitter is used for splitting and emptying of single or multiple layer bags made from paper, polyethylene, polyethylene-lined paper, interwoven plastic, or polyethylene-lined interwoven plastic.
The bags are loaded manually or via belt conveyor into the inlet which is covered by a dust collecting hood. The bags drop from the belt on a heavy-duty shaftless screw. Thin bags will burst open just through impact. Bags with multiple layers or those made of elastic plastic material are pulled in by the slowly turning screw and ripped open through a scissor effect between screw and trough. This effect is increased due to a replaceable panel with integrated cutters applied to the inside of the trough. While cutting them open the screw conveys the broken bags and their content into the revolving screen. Interwoven plastic bags are cut open by a multiple cutting disc kit mounted on top of the inlet. The bag contents fall through the screen mesh into a collecting device mounted on the outlet of the machine. Through rotation and a slight vibration of the screen (due to its patented design) the bags are completely emptied. Paddles applied inside the screen drum repeatedly lift up the empty bags. In this manner the bags are liberated from remaining material. The inclination of the paddles helps the bags move towards the screen outlet where they drop into the optionally built-on COM Bag Compactor (see COM).


  • Material: carbon steel, 304L / 316L stainless steel
  • Compact, robust design
  • Available with dust collector or equipped for centralised de-dusting system
  • Rotary vibrating screen completely in stainless steel with different size screen mesh
  • Machine consists of a small number of components (only few spare parts required)
  • Easy access to all machine parts
  • Low operating noise level due to use of SINT engineering polymer
  • Easy and quick replacement of filter elements
  • Able to handle bags of different sizes without machine adjustment
  • Low product residue


  • Simple and compact solution
  • Easy and quick access to internal parts for cleaning
  • Favourable price-performance ratio


  • Additional rotary cutting blade system for interwoven bags
  • Bag inlet protection hood
  • Bag feed belt conveyor
  • Bag contents collecting screw conveyor
  • Completely pre-wired on-board junction box
  • Adjustable chassis


  • Connecting accessories for installation of COM Waste Bag Compactor



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Latest edition: May 2022
Code: 203001807

Application Datasheets

Latest edition: January 2015
Latest edition: December 2014
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